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Cardiac safety in cluster headache patients using the very high dose of verapamil (‡720 mg/day) Cardiac-Safety-in-Cluster-Headache-Patients-Using-the-Very-High-Dose-of-Verapamil.pdf
Cluster Headache and Neuropsychological Functioning
Cluster headache and the hypothalamus: causal relationship or epiphenomenon?
Cluster Headache in Women: Clinical Characteristics and Comparison With Cluster Headache in Men
Cluster Headache-like Disorder in Children
Cluster Headaches with MS - Multiple Sclerosis
Effectiveness of Intranasal Zolmitriptan in Acute Cluster Headache
High-Flow Oxygen for Treatment of Cluster Headache
Impairment in Episodic and Chronic Cluster Headache
Inhaled Oxygen and Cluster Headache Sufferers in the United States
Use, Efficacy and Economics: Results From the United States Cluster Headache Survey
Interictal executive dysfunction in migraineurs without aura
Relationship with duration and intensity of attacks
Medical Marijuana for the Treatment of Migraine Headaches: An Evidence Review
Reduction in hypothalamic 1H-MRS Metabolite Ratios in Patients with Cluster Headache
Treatment of Acute Cluster Headache with Sumatriptan
The Sumatriptan Cluster Headache Study Group
Treatment of CH in Pregnancy

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