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For a limited time to help sponsor engagement with the Spiral Research Patient Portal, we are offering a chance win this incredible health monitoring tool that directly integrates with the Patient Data app to help you track your sleep and activity. simple.b-cssdisabled-png.h98e11bd27445267caccfb556dcfa9dc7.pack.pngIt also has real-time heart rate display to help you keep an eye on what's going on at all times. To get yours, simply register for the contest here. All contestants must earn 3 stars and enter at least 21 days of data tracking. Three FitBit Charge HRs will be awarded!

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The power of Collaborative Research

We believe in leveraging the strengths of the best in the business for a given task and have partnered with the most compelling and advanced collaborative research partners in the world. We ask that you engage and also leverage these phenomenal platforms that provide helpful patient tools and at the same time provide very valuable research information for the betterment of our cause. CHSG, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering with debilitating headache conditions.

Our Key Partners


What is Spiral Research ?

We believe strongly in a continuous research cycle that engages all parties, including the patients, healthcare, researchers, pharma, and government agencies. We call that process Spiral Research, meaning we focus on ongoing data collection, ongoing healthcare review and research leveraging that data in aggregate form, and returning that data back to the patient community in the form of increased knowledge of your condition, treatment options, and ultimately, ever spiraling toward a Cure.

CHSG.org is focused on patient-driven research, translating anecdotal data into facts that can be analyzed, charted, and shared with key research and development organizations who are the experts in their field. http://chsg.org We represent the patient community in a collaborative effort to increase understanding and awareness of these disorders and potentially ways to reduce their impact on the patient and on society. We engage a very large patient audience to provide education, fact-based Information, and compassionate support.

A special Thank You to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for making these capabilities possible.

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