Exercise for the Cluster Headache Sufferer (Part Three of Five)
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Abstract Okay, let us begin… First; if you wrote down the items from the previous “part” (I hope you did). If not; I can refer to them here as well. Oh, before we start, did you get a check from your doctor? Your family doctor knows you, and may have given you things to do, concentrate on. …or things to avoid. Remember those.

Another thing you should know… This is very important! DO NOT get your fitness advice from Uncle Bob or Aunt Susie unless you are very “sure” they know what they are talking about. Such as… Aunt Susie is a marathon runner and Uncle Bob is an Ironman competitor. For running, and conditioning, respectively this people “should” know what they are talking about. But if Uncle Bob and Aunt Susie aren’t these things, check out their information before going forward. Bad exercise tips can leave you feeling like you have been hit by A VERY BIG TRUCK.
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