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We have an opportunity to win a TV commercial from Intuit, the provider of our business accounting software. We need you to VOTE for us! Bringing awareness to Cluster Headache in that venue can change the game for all of us suffering this horrendous condition. Vote every day!

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If you search "the worst pain known to man" on the Internet, you will find that Cluster Headache tops nearly every list, yet most people have never heard of it. You learn about Cluster Headaches once you get them because they never go away. In fact, they are known as Suicide Headaches because many decide it is a life not worth living. There is no cure and the cause is not known, yet it affects over 1 million sufferers in the US.


The Cluster Headache Support Group, Inc. was chartered in 2010 to help make life more livable for CH sufferers through better treatment options and ongoing support.

CHSG is founded on compassion. We help a rare group of people who struggle with an illness considered to be the most painful condition known to medical science. Many can't even leave their house. We are providing hope for a better life through awareness efforts, advocacy, information, and support to a group of people who all too often find themselves marginalized. We do it all from a place of compassion and sensitivity to the profound challenges they face.

Our members range in age from 14 to 76 from all walks of life. We bring them together with hope, friendship, and understanding.

We have so many times helped people realize there is a positive path forward. It's fundamental to our mission. However, in order to truly effect change, we needed to reach farther. We had to bring greater understanding about this devastating illness in order to truly improve the outlook. We had to reach our community, healthcare, pharma, and others.

In 2012 we initiated a global awareness campaign. Our posters went up everywhere and went viral online. Within a day, we had reached thousands of sufferers. From one came this:

"When my dad saw your poster, he hugged me for a long, long time."

We are in this for the long haul. Cluster headache is a life-long illness. Some people have remission for a few months a year, others have no remission at all. We know that it is going to take time, resources, and fortitude to effect significant change in terms of treatments, acceptance, even awareness, but we get that up front. Anyone we can help along the way is a success in our book. We'll take that as it comes and in the meantime, do everything in our power to make a better life for the cluster headache sufferer.

With your help, we can help them sooner.

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