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Description Rosen
Abstract Cluster headache is a primary headache syndrome that
is under-diagnosed and in many instances undertreated.
The pain produced during a cluster headache
is more severe than that generated by any other
primary headache. Cluster headache is very
stereotyped in its presentation and is fairly easy to
diagnose with an in-depth headache history. Cluster
headache is easy to treat in most individuals if the
correct medications are used and the correct dosages
are prescribed.This article presents information on the
clinical presentation of cluster headache and both
medicinal and surgical interventions.
There is no more severe pain than that sustained by a
cluster headache sufferer and if not for the rather short
duration of attacks most cluster sufferers would choose
death rather than continue suffering. Cluster has been
nicknamed the ‘suicide headache’ because cluster
sufferers typically have thought about taking or have
taken their lives during a cluster headache.
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