Patient Profile of a Chronic Cluster Headache Sufferer

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Description While the following document mostly describes the sufferings and treatments for CH (Cluster Headache); it also documents other forms of chronic pain that may or may not be related.
Abstract In many cases other pain and suffering have been related to the drugs and or therapies used to treat CH or the enormous amount of stress associated with the condition, raising a family, and keeping a job.

Headaches first began in 1997, where episodic, at most occurring once in the fall or spring, and often skipped a year. Then in approximately 2004 headaches began to increase to a point where I now have chronic headache pain (or other form of pain) almost every day of my life.

Most pain can be described as physical but over time there has been an increasein emotional/psychological related pain that further complicates a balanced treatment plan. With the right medications, most days’ pain is manageable, while others I can not work, play with the kids, relate to my spouse, or function in any other productive capacity.

Finding the right balance of medications vs. side effects, exercise, proper diet, family health, mental health, and spiritual health continues to be an every day effort that requires trial and error; another source of stress that requires the help of family, friends, and several mental/physical healthcare givers.
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