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walking barometer

Diagnosis: diagnosis 2005
Clusters started: date clusters started :2001

background - family, location, career, etc.
I am a single female living in ON Canada. Employed Part time working with the mentally intelligent, primarily Autistic Individuals, and I love what I do! I am currently looking for work full time and it is very difficult being a Cluster Head.

I started CHes when I was living in NC USA with my now ex. I have never in my life had headaches prior to this. I had an MRI CTScan and nothing. They started in my left eye and temple, progressing into my nose, teethe both upper and lower and travel into my gland. I have hit the KIPP scale of 10 on many occassions. In 2003 after 8 weeks and a very stressful relationship I hit KIPP 10 again and up to 5 times per night, at that time I felt I couldn't go on. After moving back to Canada I was finally diagnosed in 2005, also finding out that these headaches were also known as suicide headaches. Separation from ex spouse in 2008 lead to 8 KIPP 10 per night, not working and completely stressed out. Since I now know what I have I maintain a pretty good support system. I can't mention how many times the police and ambulance have been to my house. Just this past yr they have moved to my right side and I know this is odd, however I did have a 6 month remission period and my fear now is I am going from episodic to chronic. Traditional meds do not work like verampimil and immetrex without adverse side effects. I also have a severe case of Vertigo which started approx the same time as the CHes did, thus not allowing me to take Veramp. It was suggested with me asking ( and I am NOT a rec user of it) to try pot, it worked wonders for about three yrs. then in 2008 stopped, I am now on morophine. Triggers for me , stress, barometric pressure, alcohol.

I am actively involved with CH as I belong to OUCH and am on the BOD, also a member of, and Cluster, along with being a member of Cluster headaches and Cluster Headaches support in Facebook.

I have read your stories and I am so sorry to have met you through this vicious debilitating condition. Something I always explain to the police when they arrive and see me in this state is this is NOT a mental health issue, this is a pain management issue due to a condition which has no cure. However when your children have seen you sit on the kitchen floor rocking back and forth and feel that hitting your head on the kitchen cupboard will give relief you gotta kinda wonder!!!!

I pray for a cure some day, I am one of the lucky 1% of 3% being female who suffer and I am wondering if I should buy lottery tickets!!!

Not sure if any of you are on facebook but would love to meet you!! my nic there is Squigg Jeffrey

Here is to wishing you all pain free days and Nights!

my timeline is pretty much listed in my story line.

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