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my age

my diagnosis
====I have not been diagnosed, but all symptons point to cluster headaches.

date clusters started
====Not sure of the exact date but started happening in 2008.

background - family, location, career, etc.

Diagnosis: your story
====Don't have a story, but might have a remedy for the men out there.
This might sound silly , and a bit disgusting to some women but it worked for me.
I woke up with one of the worst cluster headaches I ever had, I felt like I was being hit in my
right temple with a sledgehammer. Not being able to stay in bed, I got up and went down stairs
so as not to wake my wife, and flipped on the T.V. There was some soft porn on and as I felt myself
becoming somewhat aroused I noticed the pain in my head becoming less severe. Thinking this might
just be a coincidence, I tried it again the next night during anouther attack. It worked again.
Guys I swear to you this worked for me. I don't know if this will work for women but is certainly worth
trying. This is not B.S

~July 8 2011 Date Event
Jan 2003 sample event

Clusters started:


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