How I Deal With The Cold
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How do I deal with this cold weather? The fact is I really don’t. Cold weather is a major contributor to my Cluster Headaches. I probably check the weather more than any other person my age that I know. Cold and moisture are my two main triggers from Mother Nature and I embrace heat, with the exception of in the heat my ankles swell to the size of grapefruits, but life for a CH suffer can’t ever be perfect I suppose.

Which leads me back to answering my first question, of how I personally deal with the cold rainy climate that I live in? First off, when looking at the weather forecast I really pay attention to the wave patterns of temperature. The unsettling constant rise and fall of the temperate is what sets me off at times into an unknown length of a CH cycle. I try to offset the cycle as much as I can and my techniques of my trial and error of last year and so far this winter have actually helped eliminate the frequency of my CH.
While it’s warm out, I tend to over dress and take off layers as needed. When my body gets to cold it is a constant trigger. As the temperatures drop, I tend to stay dressed warm even if my body gets too hot. As soon as I get home, I take the hottest shower I can withstand or I get into my sauna at the highest temperature that is comfortable (without feeling dizzy). I tend to let the warm heat keep my body temperature up for at least ten minutes. As I instantly get out of the sauna or shower, I dry my hair immediately and dress overly warm even though wherever I tend to be stays warm.

After I and wrapped up like I’m in a cocoon, I tend to focus on something that doesn’t take that much attention and I do not watch the TV or get on the computer. I tend to read a book or work on a hobby I enjoy. I eat something right away with high protein or fiber, and I also make a hot cup of tea ( I love hot chocolate, but milk contributes to my CH). I have observed that through trial and error, the warmer I can keep my body before the temperatures drop and the warmer I can keep my body when the temperature does drop the less severe my CH has tended to be.
When all else fails as in today where it is -40 with the wind chill, I have made it a plan since I watched the weather a week ago that I would not leave where I am at today unless an emergency. Although I still have the lingering migraine and get the random shooting pains in my eye for a few seconds here and there, it is not a full blown CH like I know would probably happen if I walk out the door into the frigid cold.

So the theory is through my trial and error is that if I can keep my body at a bit higher temperature, I have a higher probability of cutting of a CH before it happens especially in these cold temperatures. Although I would love to never go out this winter that cannot be possible. So my suggestion to you CH suffers is to try your own methods to eliminate your CH, or try the method I just gave you by keeping extra warm. It works for me and I am confident that it may work for some of you.

Hope you all can have a PF Day


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