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Karen 6468


Diagnosis: Cluster Headaches
Clusters started: June 2000

Maryland - chronic

When they first started, I just knew I had a tumor or something really really wrong. Never experienced pain like this before. Tried several doctors before finding one that somewhat understands clusters (he still refers to them as migraines but hey, he gives me the meds. Currently take Verapamil (sp) 120 mg 4 times a day. Nortripyline 50 mg. Celexa 30 mg, Stadol as needed, and Kudzu (OTC) 3 times a day. Kudzu has been by far the most effective - with the others of course. At my worst, I was getting 3 a night every night - KIP 8-10. Now I have maybe 7 a month and not nearly as strong - maybe a 5-6 sometimes a 10 will sneak in. For me drinking a ice cold pepsi straight down and a bag of frozen peas held over my eye and a LOT of prayer helps get me through it. Oxygen did help but became too expensive as my insurance only covered one tank a month and I was going through 4. I think this is as good as it is going to get but compared to what I started with I'll take it (really what else can I do :)). Very strange thing is that these started shortly after losing my mom. I just lost my brother 3 weeks ago, and have not had one since. Makes no sense to me - Maybe God has cut me some slack as I am having a great deal of difficulty with his passing. So that is the story of Karen. Oh yeah - I am really not great with this format so please forgive me if I posted something wrong.


Date Event
June 2000 started after mother passed away
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