How do I live
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my age: 31

Diagnosis: my diagnosis: chronic cluster headaches
Clusters started: date clusters started: sept of 2010

background - family, location, career, etc.: mother suffers from migraines, I love in Colorado and im a CDS rep for CareCore National.

your story
==== Well it started in Sept of 2010 was not sure what to think. I started off thinking it was because of my hair cause it os thick and long so I cut it hoping it would help. It did not, so I thought it was dehydration, it was not. Then I went to the doctor and they put me on tizanidine still not knowing what it was. So my doctor sent me to a neurologist and was diagnosed with Cluster Headaches. They cycles were not as bad when it started out but now 4 yrs later my current cycle had lasted since mid/late July to now. Had to file for FMLA and have missed moe than two weeks of work. I have been to the ER twice this cycle went back to my doctor and she put me on Tramadol and it does help but there is a worry for rebound headaches.


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