My Diary Gary W
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Gary W
Age 55

Diagnosis: CH
Clusters started: Final stages of 1st Divorce,1999

Hi, My name is Gary, I am from Cheshire/UK.

New Doc at practise diagnosed me with 2 questions…
1/ "Are they on one side or both?"
2/ "Do they wake you up 1-2 hours after you have gone to sleep?"
You have CH….

Father of only Son who is 28 this year, he is currently in final stages of 'year out' world round trip with his lovely Girlfriend.
My Dear Mother died of the Big 'C' April 27th,2010. My Father and I are shattered.
2nd wife left me Nov 2010 Ongoing

Clusters started roughly toward the end of 1999, never had anything like this before, worst Migraine and throwing up, just a bike ride
compared to this….
Pain was 10 on 'KIP' scale behind left eye, I thought at first, I had a brain tumour and was going to die, there and then….
After a couple of hours it went as soon as it came till, the next night.
I wanted to, thought about how to, take out my eye and crush Paracetamol in the socket, that's how BAD it was…..Eventually eased off (first 'cycle').
Went to my Doc and described pain to him..He thought I had a detached Retina and referred my to an 'Ophthalmic Surgeon' who did the tests and found nothing apart from some 'floaters'….
Met my 'current' wife..
CH wasnt an issue but found out booze was a trigger…So settled into 'I drink, I pay later' scenario….This carried off and on for about 5 years until, a new Doc came to my practice (2004-5) I happened to mention the headaches and, as you have now read in my background, diagnosed me there and then! His main concern was my blood pressure and said he would address this first…Treatment went on for about three yrs I think, when he left over a year ago.
Stress of wife leaving brought back latest cycle, nearly 3 months worth, touch wood, I have had 3 consecutive nights quality sleep (with booze!) now so fingers crossed eh?
About same time of return of clusters, blood pressure went to 170/100..Doc said last week 'I'm not surprised your BP has gone up with all that is going on! See the nurse in 2 weeks and get your BP checked again'….
Now do you think this Guy is going to get me O2 on the NHS?

The centre of pain has migrated imperceptibly over the years from the back of my eye to its present home, just below the skin of my temple where, about 18 months ago in desperation after just taking 2 paracetamol's and not getting any relief, I rubbed some 'Vicks Vaporub' into the area and got 'some' relief (I think it works,so I use it)

Not got any timeline, this time! (Got more than enough to occupy me at the moment!)
But I am sure that Stress and related elevated BP=CH (in my case)

Hope this helps anyone!

Regards and digital 'hugs'



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