My private nightmare
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Sherry patterson

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==October 1984==

date clusters started
====September 1984

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==plainfield Il==

your story
=Two weeks after my third child was born I started waking during the night with the worst pain I had ever felt! I have given birth without pain killers, this was worse! Over the next few weeks the pain increased, as did the duration of the pain. When I went to my doctor he diagnosed clusterheadaches. He prescribed a beta-blocker. I could not find a lot of information on this clusterheadache at that time. After a few months the pain ended. I assumed, at that time, that the medicine was working. The next bout did not occur for two years. Looking back I now realize that pregnancy prevented them. I had my fourth baby in December of 1985. In 1986 I suffered both a spring and a fall episode. I landed in the hospital ER during the peak headaches that lasted longer then four hours. The shots they gave me for pain only took the edge off. I did some research on my painful affliction. So I decided to quit smoking. I did not smoke for ten years. During this time my headaches continued to occur once or twice a year for three months. I noticed that they would start after a period, peak after the next period and then slowly leave me after I cycled again. Not smoking did not change anything. I had my fifth, and last child in 1995. I was pain free during the pregnancy. After that they continued. Imitrex did not help me. oxygen did, but the doctor that prescribed it retired. I did find a way of coping with them in my forties. I put a body massager turned up high on my head during a headache. I rotated it with an ice pack. This got my through the pain much better then other things that I had tried. I went through menopause at 52 years of age. I had no attacks until three weeks ago. I am now 56. I am using my massager to survive the pain. The nights have been so long and painful. Every time I fall asleep my nightmare creeps up on me! Ouch!!! I have never before had anyone that understood until I found this site today. Just knowing that I am understood by someone has just made my day!

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Jan 2003 sample event

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