Jeanette's Diary
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Jeanette Lynch

my age

my diagnosis
====Episodic Cluster Headaches

date clusters started
====1970 approx.

background - family, location, career, etc.
====Mother of three daughters, Chicago, IL, retired Government Employee.

your story
====Like so many others, I was diagnosis with sinus problems, took every sinus drug available (for years). I was in a car accident, my head hit the windshield, I started having really bad headaches, I thought that I had a brain tumor. Doctors said sinus infection.???? I would only be stricken with the killer C.H. in the spring and fall or when really stressed or not getting proper sleep. In the 1990's I diagnosed myself, using the internet. At the time my doctor prescribed Oxygen, but by the time I got it the CHs were over. My doctor has prescribed Propranolol 40 mg tablets to take daily, it is a beta blocker. Also, take Ketoprofen 50 mg, when I feel a headache coming on, it is a anti-immflamatory drug. So far, so good I only have maybe one episode a year and some years, none. I have never smoked, I use water therapy(drink lots of water) when I start to feel that stuffiness feeling, and drink coffee daily. Has anyone ever heard that the headaches stop, will I grow out of them (lol).

|~Date||~ Event ||June 21, 2013

Clusters started:


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