Too painful a year...
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Kathy Morgan Jones
Age: 59

Diagnosis: Chronic Cluster Headaches
Clusters started: May 1st, 2012

I am a white female, just turning 59 on April 11th. I live in the south central part of NC. I was teaching Music and Computer Science for 3 years until May 2012. I grew up as an Air Force brat, moving from coast to coast during my childhood. I was active in gymnastics and cheer leading. I don't drink alcohol at all.

When it started: May 1st 2012
I was enjoying time outside with the children during recess duty at school. Everything was fine. All of a sudden I got the worst headache I'd ever had. That one eventually went away and I didn't get another until mid June. Again, the worst headache ever. Then near the end of June, I was visiting my son and his family. I was awakened around 2 a.m. with an exploding head and vomiting. My son took me to the E.R. where the doctor asked a lot of questions, etc. and then said I have cluster headaches. Sounded fairly "easy". Little did I know. I've been suffering with 3 headaches a night, which, of course, wake me up in severe pain. I get them randomly during the days. I MIGHT have 2 days off if I'm lucky. I don't have insurance now so just about the only option I have is to take a pain med. I take Hydroco/acetaminop 5-325. I can't afford anything like Imitrex so I'm basically just treating the pain. The med helps dull the pain but it doesn't go completely away. I have a mildly throbbing head for hours & hours. I asked the PA at the dr's office if I could get the Lidocaine spray and she said it's not on the market yet. I have headaches so severe that I could totally understand why someone would kill themselves. No, not me, don't worry. I'm just saying I understand. I've delivered 3 big strapping boys from my petite frame, and believe me, the headaches are worse than delivery. I really want to stay on top of any new developments. And why does everything have to cost so much that a person like myself can't come close to affording it? So, anyway, it's nice to meet you all but we'd all rather it be under different circumstances.


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