Cluster Headache CURE
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Ryan Cluster cure

Diagnosis: Cluster headaches Both sides 7 years now Im cured
Clusters started: 2005

White, male, ex smoker, roof builder

Permanent Cure
There is a cure to Cluster headaches It is simple and painless similar to going to the dentist, A Dr. Shevel conducted and arterial ligation to the artery in my upper jaw and I was cured in minutes, "there is a cure for cluster headaches" as Dr. Shevel has been conducting the procedure since 1995 Go to I had them for 7 yrs, attacks were from 45min- 2hours. And I am now completely cured I had tried acupuncture, physio, homeopathy nothing kept this headache at bay. I used to have up to 5 attacks a day. I’d self inject, breath oxygen, crushed ice in my mouth. Dr. Shevel is an expert on clusters and permanently curing them for people from around the world and he has been published in 30 medical journals. or contact me for proof that there is a simple cure… you may also call me (+27813567961) to discuss how I may be able to help to the correct education. The procedure is quick painless and absolutely risk free as the ligation is not done anywhere near the Trigeminal nerve.

in July 2012, after much research I found a doctor who conducted a simple surgical proccedure in the upper jaw, call arterial ligation and wow it worked Im free and living my life Thank you Dr. Shevel

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