Dancing With Demons
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Cluster Headaches as Inspiration

Pain as a muse. Cluster Headaches by nature are not something anyone wants to remember. I have chosen not only to remember them, but to let them inspire my art, writing, music, and general outlook on life. Don't get me wrong, I don't project that pain outward, I let it shape things that do come out. I use it as sort of a filter for my mind. I try my hardest to force myself to remember the pain. Not how I felt about the pain, but more the pain itself. I want others to understand what it is that we all go through in our everyday lives. I feel that since telling people about it seems to fail at conveying the message, maybe the arts will have a better time interpreting for the masses.

This is just a little space where I intend to jot down the little things I can remember, or have created on the fly. Maybe I'll even get a few comments or criticisms along the way to help me in shaping them into final works. It'll include little short stories, links to art works of mine, rant and raves, maybe even a poem or two. You never know what's gonna come out when the main influence is pain of this magnitude. I hope you all enjoy it. If you do, feel free to join as a follower and post a few comments. Hope every has a pain free day!


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