Cluster Headache Awareness Materials

Dr.'s Office Magazine Rack Inserts

Every now and then we ask you to help out the community as a fellow sufferer. One thing that I find difficult to fathom are all those who are dealing with this horrible disorder all alone and probably with little compassion from others. Although there are many of us here, according to the stats, we've only just touched the surface of so many suffering CH without the support of wonderful, caring people like we have here. We want to reach them! Awareness is a multi-faceted challenge we all face, yet it is critical to finding better support from others and better treatment options.

One of our talented staff members, Tracy Morgan Belanger, has developed an excellent one-page overview of CH and why support groups like CHSG are so important. We'd like to ask you to print off 10 or so and put them in your doctor's office magazine rack for others to find. It's a good idea to get permission first, so they don't come as a surprise and get tossed. Either way, if we can reach 100 more who are suffering alone, it's a worthwhile effort. I expect we can reach many more.

The more we grow as a group and a collective voice, the more we know, the more others know about us and especially, the more we "get out there," the faster we will see progress. So please, take a few minutes of your day and print off some of these leaflets and the next time you visit your GP or Neuro, drop some in the magazine rack. By all means, please SHARE this as well. You might just help save a poor soul suffering in silence.

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