Cluster Headache Awareness Campaign - 2012 Poster

The 2012 Cluster Headache Awareness Campaign is Underway!

Please join us in distributing the new awareness poster far and wide. Our goal is to get these posters up in as many public locations as possible so people can quickly see it, read it, and know that Cluster Headache is a serious disorder. Consider placing these in your church, university, hospital, grocery, outside your cubicle, or wherever many will see it.

The Cluster Headache Support Group has sponsored the printing of high gloss, full color 18" x 24" posters. These are available for just a $1 donation plus shipping in a sealed tube. Shipping is a flat rate for up to 5 posters to cover costs of the tube and USPS mail. Please order via the PayPal button to the right. No PayPal account is required.

The below image is 8 x 11 for normal printing and may also be used at no cost, however, the larger format, high resolution glossy poster will certainly draw more attention.

Cluster Headache Awareness 2012
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"When I was first diagnosed, I had never heard of Cluster Headaches. Nearly every nurse I ran into asked me how my migraines were. My friends and family would say oh, so and so has "headaches." My employer suggested Aleve instead of ibuprofen. Even my first neurologist said he'd heard of cluster headaches but had never seen it, that it couldn't be that. The ENT doctor performed surgery on my sinus. My dentist suggested pulling out a crown. My ophthalmologist gave me eye drops for irritation. The ER staff thought I was a drug seeker when I thought I was having an aneurysm.

There's something very wrong with this picture. I think it starts with awareness." -Chris Hannah

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